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A Soular Revolution Embraces Practical Solutions

Chaos seemed to rule in 2020, yet holds a perfected vision of our unrealized potential. We all have a place inside of us that is compassionate, even loving toward our fellow human beings and all life on earth. At present (late 2020) America is suffering from insidious surreptitious activity causing our society to fall apart with no great leadership to speak of today. Unless and until we collaboratively change our direction, we may not have one. Many new groups and networks are already forming to take us in a new direction.

This awareness is a place of great pain for many as we move through the chronic trauma to experience a major transition in our freedoms, leadership positions and our global environment. Many feel powerless, like their lives mean little to those who are supposed to be their advocates in governmental affairs. In a larger view, our way of life is being threatened by our lack of participation in the process we’ve taken for granted as ‘good for us.’ Finger-pointing is complacent and complicit; it matters not.

This transition foretold long ago is destined to be a transformation of humanity, a revolution of soul long awaited, where people are empowered to act, to speak and to work toward common goals more effectively through the networks and technology that have been developing. We know the ‘systems’ are in place to deliver the goods, so to speak; the systems have just had bad management practices from the people in charge to date. Simple solutions are available to those who give their attention, intention and actions toward service.

The road ahead is full of challenges and chaos, for the time being. The 5Ps of Life are a guide for us all for now – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Passion, and Purpose. We shall overcome any and all distractions with a style and grace only a higher order of consciousness emerging within us could provide! Can’t prove it wrong until you test it! Want to know how? Inquire within.



Seeing the World with Different Eyes

It all seems to make perfect sense when we realize that there are enough resources to feed, clothe, house and provide health care for everyone. We’ve placed the economics of war over human life, though, and that mindset has to change soon or we’ll self-destruct. It is inevitable that the rise of every empire built on war eventually self-destructs. Aren’t we a bit tired of that?

The Profit Over People Regime is ending; People and Planet Over Profit is emerging now, showing up in business as B-Corps and more. A disturbing perspective still is even with those supposedly working for ‘good’… are they more interested in sharing and supporting a better world or selling you something? Is there an awakening, an apocalypse?

The truly confusing piece of information is that we spend more money on corporate and military functions than, if redirected, would provide more than enough funds to feed, clothe, house and care for everyone. The numbers are available to anyone, though most of us don’t like numbers. We prefer emotions. Of course those are statistics, but what if they are true?

Today we’ve seen a government attempt to manipulate its public with a ‘Stimulus Package’ to assuage the financial devastation caused by ill-prepared and/or strategically planned stay-at-home edicts. The promotion of self-hygiene ad infinitum also has a more subtle and unanticipated complementary process… self-reflection. It’s getting many to question their lifestyle and purpose when their lives are affected so dramatically, often devastatingly.

Those Who've Gone Before

Donald Keys, speech writer for U Thant in the 60s, coined the phrase Planetary Citizen on the way to creating The New World Alliance. From Donald Keys circa 1982… “To cross over the threshold and enter into a world of new and exciting promise requires us to fulfill the tasks immediately before us: first, to become aware; second, to accept responsibility for the human situation; third, to acquire skills; and fourth, to act wisely and well, consciously and continuously on behalf of… a better future for humanity.”

The drive for transparency provides a compelling opportunity to self-organize as a Planetary Society and to explore a common desire; harmony among people and planet as a goal for planetary citizens. We’ve reached a time where possibility can become reality. Defining a timeline is less important than education and understanding; making sense common allows better resource management in the shared responsibility, shared benefits and shared values.

From Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a personal friend and sixth man on the moon…”No man I know of has gone to the moon that has not been affected in some way that is similar. It is what I prefer to call instant global consciousness. Each man comes back with a feeling he is no longer only an American citizen; he is a planetary citizen. He doesn’t like the way things are and he wants to improve them. It is a universal feeling among the astronauts.”

Dr. Mitchell believed that consciousness is connected at a very deep level, throughout all things. His idea of a soular revolution was instilled in the Institute for Noetic Sciences in its inception. A personal conversation revealed a deep understanding of our reality being much different than we think, including the presence of others on the Moon. He spoke openly about the convergence of consciousness between humans and others from far away places offering assistance.


Challenge: Can We Make Sense Common?

Making sense common from a soular revolution perspective appears as an emerging new world order – harmony among people and planet – the result of a soular revolution. The drive for transparency provides a compelling opportunity to self-organize as a Planetary Society and to explore a common desire; harmony among people and planet as a goal for planetary citizens. We’ve reached a time where possibily can become reality. Defining a timeline is less important than education and understanding; making sense common allows better resource management in the shared responsibility, shared benefits and shared values.

Consideration and compassion grow as we each embrace the challenge to change personally, professionally and politically. Chaos to order is a natural pattern, each fractal naturally resolving into the whole, a holistic system by design. Unresolved unspoken and unfulilled expectations, our natural desire to merge with something greater, offers the structural tension to move us forward toward positive change.

Soular Revolution’s mission is to create, expose and nurture positive change in the world fueled by people with passion and purpose. We hope to give you pertinent information and relevant facts in the process. Donald Keys, speech writer for U Thant in the 60s, coined the phrase Planetary Citizen on the way to creating the historical New World Alliance, the first rendition of hope for humanity.

The Occupy Movement, a global announcement of dissatisfaction in leadership and a call for change, could be seen as a call for planetary citizens. Numerous groups and organizations are adopting the 12-sector model, illustrated here, as a means toward self-organization. …and indeed, “What Would Google Do?” is worth consideration. Of course, one of the original harbingers of the need for change was the 1992 World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity.

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Vetting Information Necessary for Our Lives

How do we qualify information as it enters our ‘field’ ? The resonance of truth varies depending on our ability to be aware at deeper levels. We have a ‘field’ that surrounds us, a kind of ‘spidey sense’ that we often neglect. I’d venture to guess most people are completely unaware that it is even there, let alone pay attention to it.

There’s science behind the notion of a soular revolution as the ‘field’ and studies in both consciousness and quantum physics are echoing the same information, that we are much more connected to everything around us than we have perceived in the past. It seems that mysticism might just be based in fact, that the ‘oneness’ that is spoken of throughout metaphysical texts is actually a reality. How can we test it, though? Dive in with me for a moment, suspend you belief system if necessary and let’s explore the resonance of truth together.

How do we ‘vet’ the information and people providing it so that the quality is there; so that sense is made common? We’ve heard about the notion of ‘questioning authority’ yet the authority we question often has bias in our questions. The solution is to ask better questions, those questions that arise naturally from our gut feelings.

It would seem that a consistent method for discerning or discovering truth, even if relative, would be available to the intentional seeker and even the average Jane or Joe. Of course there are varying degrees of the depth of the quest for truth, from cursory to quantum, yet consistency is key. If we accept that we have built-in bullshit meters, then we can at least begin to discover them within our awareness.

This consideration has been at the forefront of my professional life as well, facilitating people, places and things to achieve goals, and the drive to make sense common so that a ‘resonance’ of the prudent path can be felt and therefore acknowledged as being the best direction at the time for the team. A heightened awareness helps to expose and resolve hidden agendas without being adversarial or confrontational with project leaders and team.

Tell-tale Signs of Truth?

Perhaps truth, vibrationally speaking, is like a covalent bond where electrons are shared in a kind of quantum entanglement. The resonance of truth occurs in the receiver as well as the transmitter whether person, place or thing. Our bodies are both, so it would make sense that the reciprocal resonance is at least felt if not understood. We aren’t accustomed to relying on feelings or sensations, though. That’s where things get a little messy for a time while we explore and practice honing our skills.

I’m not sure if any of you have actually given your life to know truth and found that there is a relevance to the transformation, a transcendence into a new world order of our being and doing, a kind of soular revolution that is in perfect order as well and organized from within – a place few have ventured yet.

I’m sure my story seems incredulous, or at least a far stretch for becoming a reality, yet here we are in the thick of it. The experience is still driving my faith, love and trust in something beyond any of us and yet intrinsically and intuitively inside of us all. It isn’t about applied intelligence or manipulative narratives. It’s about an upwising of mind/body/spirit with soul.

Jose Arguelles and I had a discussion a couple of decades ago, about the transition between ages and what might be expected. We spoke for hours exploring the possibilities of what we might witness in process. Serendipity and synchronicity play a big part in my life and people I meet, though I was told long ago it would happen.

Most noticeable at the opening of the window (Harmonic Convergence) was a rise in awareness that led to further exploration into consciousness and a burgeoning interest in humanity’s bio-psycho-spiritual evolution. At the tipping point, half way through the shift of Ages, the need for implementing new understanding arises. The following decade is filled with exposure of what isn’t compatible with higher order, as the inner passion and purpose facilitates change.

The latter is full of turmoil as the sands shift and people of passion and purpose step up to guide the process toward a new world order that is truly a new living awareness of interconnectivity and eventual harmony among people and planet. I was told it would happen in my lifetime. I never dreamed it would happen so soon, and yet it is.

The notion of the 5 Ps seems more than appropriate – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Passion and Purpose. What was once thought to be impossible is being made available through placing attention, intention and action toward collaboration and cooperation. The stirring within, the still small voice, is magnified by the ‘soular revolution;’ the collective call for a better world we build together.